jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

Three pages from my first finished comic project "Tenías que ser tú" 
The other pages can be seen at http://www.historietasraras.blogspot.com/


Drew her for a contest, I didn´t win.
She had to be designed on the autumn theme, and had to be at least part pomeranian
I chose doing a skunk-pom hybrid.
I will use her in a story featuring Nadeen, the white mouse girl.

Pipe disaster

Commission I did at fa


Commission I did at fa

Dancing beast

Trade I did with someone at fa.

Corgis and tea

Trade I did with someone at fa.

viernes, 3 de febrero de 2012

Mousie girl / ratoncita

Wip, trying some new coloring techniques.
I hate lineless painting.

Trabajo en proceso, odio el claroscuro.

martes, 31 de enero de 2012

Revivió!!! / Revived!!!

Bueno, después de varios meses, revivió este blog. La verdad es que no he tenido mucho tiempo para dibujar para mi, menos cosas que me gustaran lo suficiente como para postear acá. 
Pero bueh, en el marco del concurso de historietas de la AUCH ( http://auchistorietas.blogspot.com/ ) , me decidí y terminé un comic de 8 páginas, blanco y negro a acuarela, con guión de Sebastián Martínez ( http://sebastian-mc.blogspot.com/ ) . 
Desafortunadamente, no puedo mostrarlo, pero espero saber pronto el resultado de el concurso.
Este es el diseño de los personajes que participan en la historia. 

Well, after some months, this blog has revived. Thruth is I hadn´t enough time to draw for myself, much less things that I liked enough to post here. 
Oh, well, I entered a comic contest organized by AUCH ( http://auchistorietas.blogspot.com/ ) , and I decided and finished an eight pages long comic in black and white, painted with watercolors. Story is written by Sebastián Martínez ( http://sebastian-mc.blogspot.com/ ) .
Unfortunately, I can´t show it, but I´m hoping to know the results of the contest soon.
This is the characters design for the comic.